DANAT Employees Awarded HRD Diamond Grading Diploma

DANAT Employees Awarded HRD Diamond Grading Diploma
23 January 2018

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) recently held a special ceremony during which staff received the ‘HRD Antwerp Certified Diamond Grader’  Diploma following the completion of DANAT’s frst externally taught gemmology course, provided by HRD Antwerp (HRD). HRD is Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification.

The course took place in September 2017 and was attended by thirteen Bahraini staff members which included Trainee Gemmologists as well as individuals from DANAT’s Education and Client Services Departments.

The course participants learnt   about   the   properties   of   diamonds,   how   to   analysis   diamonds   using specialist equipment, the implementation of the ‘4Cs’ according to international standards for grading polished diamonds as well as how to identify imitation diamonds.  The course   was   challenging   and   culminated   in   practical   and theoretical examinations to achieve the ‘HRD Antwerp Certified Diamond Grader’ Diploma.

DANAT is pleased to announce that all thirteen course participants achieved the Diploma  and they were formally  presented   with  their certificates by representatives from HRD during a special ceremony hosted by DANAT.

Career development is a priority at DANAT, particularly for its Bahraini Trainee Gemmologists. DANAT provides practical gemmological training on a daily basis within its laboratory as well as external courses which lead to internationally recognized industry and gemmological qualifications for its staff.

DANAT CEO, Kenneth Scarratt explained ‘education lies at the very core of DANAT’s commitment to excellence in all of the services it offers to support those   trading   in   pearls,   gemstones   and   diamonds   and   in   assuring   public confidence in industry practices’. He added ‘the excellent results achieved by the DANAT trainees during this HRD program as well as those projected for other curriculums will inevitably and greatly enhance the services offered.’