A Piece of History Comes to Bahrain; Renaissance Necklace Tested by DANAT

A ceremony was held at the Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) to mark the presentation of its Premium Report to Albion Art for a very special Renaissance gold, enamel, pearl and ruby necklace. Kazumi Arikawa, President of Albion Art and Takeshi Fujimori, General Manager of Albion Art attended the ceremony with Kenneth Scarratt, DANAT CEO and Abeer Al Alawi Executive Director. Kazumi Arikawa is one of the world’s top dealers and collectors of historical jewellery from the Greco-Roman era to the Art Deco period.

Renaissance jewellery is recognised for its sumptuousness, which includes elaborate enamel work, intense and varied coloured gemstones and new cutting techniques which enhanced the splendour of gemstones used. The necklace tested by DANAT, which has been dated as c. 1590 and in the Southern German style is a beautiful example of the quality and craftsmanship of the jewellery produced in the Renaissance period. Such a necklace would have been owned by the highest rank in Renaissance society and specialist historians have determined and certified the necklace’s provenance as the Royal House of Netherlands, Princess Mdivahi, ne’e Barbara Hutton and Mrs. Pierre Schlumberger.

The necklace consists of thirteen openwork links, enamelled in blue, white, red and black, the larger each centrally set with a table cut ruby in a raised box, alternating with smaller links each with a cluster of five pearls. Each link is a jewel, complete in its own right, which can be removed for use as a pendant or button. The necklace is a rare survivor of the period as it was common place for such items of jewellery to be broken up for resale by subsequent generations.

The necklace includes seven rubies and thirty pearls, which are set in alternating sections. The pearls used vary slightly in size and colour and are well preserved for their age. The lustre is high and they accurately reflect the historical character of the necklace. The rubies, from the Mogok mines in northern Burma (Myanmar), also reflect the tone and historic character of the piece. The necklace is 21 karat gold throughout the main sections and 18 karat gold for the tongue. The enamel work lain down on top of the gold in various designs is in remarkable condition for the age of the necklace.

Kenneth Scarratt, CEO of DANAT, stated “Danat is honoured to be entrusted with such a treasure.  The examination provided our specialists with a combination of special challenges great satisfaction.  Clearly the piece has significant historic importance and it is our desire that Danat’s premium report will aid in this understanding”.

The Premium Report is DANAT’s most prestigious and comprehensive authentication report. The report is tailored for unique and historically significant items, which are simply irreplaceable. The report provides scientific verification and authentication of pearls and gemstones, detailing the testing process of the items as well as its precise history from origin to present day. The Premium Report content is presented in a leather bound, hand-stitched beautifully crafted boxed creation, which alongside the precious item can be truly treasured.