Fifth Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery Conference set to take place in Cyprus in May 17-19

Organizers of the Fifth Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery Conference (MGJC) are putting the final touches to the event which this year takes place from May 17-19 in Limassol, Cyprus.

This year’s conference follows the success of the four previous Conferences which took place in Greece 2015, in Spain in 2016, in Italy in 2017 and in Montenegro last year. The 5th annual MGJ Conference is organized by CGL-GRS (Canada) and IGL (Greece) and sponsored/supported by DANAT lab (Bahrain), Octonus (Finland), HRD Antwerp (Belgium), Swarovski (Austria), Gemetrix (Australia) Jewellery Appraises of the World (UK), Cyprus Gemological Lab (Cyprus) and NAJA (USA).

The New Jeweller group’s Vice President for International Business, Albert Robinson, a long-time industry journalist, will be covering the event.

“Our MGJ Conference has positioned itself as a bridge between many business and appraising events and highly scientific conferences,” explains Branko Deljanin President and Head Gemologist, CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab Inc. “It is a ‘tradetechnical’ conference that covers and disusses current trade problems and offers solutions through workshops with standard and advanced affordable instruments. The participants came from 25 countries in 2018 in Montenegro, from a range of fields notably; gemmologists, jewellers, retailers, gem labs, appraisers, dealers, manufacturers, and mining companies.

“Our workshops are almost sold out so I would definitely advise people wanting to take part to register as soon as possible. We are going to have a fantastic Conference Day on May 18 so I highly recommend that interested individuals register as soon as possible at:

“The mission of the MGJC events is to educate and to help people understand the properties of diamonds, gems and jewellery, in addition to providing members of the industry with networking opportunities and information that is essential in the creation of a sustainable business,” Deljanin added.


Yianni Melas, GEMEXPLORER(Cyprus) will be Master of Ceremonies.

Sergey Sivovolenko /Roman Serov from Octonus, Finland – diamond technology developer: “Diamond Impression – The Key to Sustainable Competitiveness”

John Chapman (Gemetrix, Australia) – instrument manufacturer: “The Economics of Faceting Diamonds”

Dr. Michael Schlamadinger (Swarovski, Austria) – retailer: “Man-Made Diamonds – Beyond Science”

Garry Holloway (Holloway Diamonds, Australia) – gemmologist / retailer: “Poorly proportioned diamonds cheat buyers”

Supporter’s talk: Katrien De Corte (HRD, Belgium) – lab gemologist: “Synthetic diamond, dream or nightmare”

Ruby Sponsor talk: Dr. Stefanos Karampelas, Abeer Al-Alawi (DANAT, Bahrain) – lab gemologists: “Building DANAT’s robust database: From the mine directly to the lab”

Edward Boehm (Rare Source Gems, USA) – gem dealer: “Ethical sourcing of gems and importance of origin – spinel case study”

Dr. Stefanos Karampelas, Abeer Al-Alawi (DANAT, Bahrain) – lab gemmologists: “Natural Bahraini pearls”

Stefan Miller (DSEF, Germany) – lab gemmologist: “Notes from the German Gem Lab DSEF (Idar-Oberstein)”

Dr. Clemens Schwarzinger (Clemens Schwarzinger Gemstones, Austria) – associate professor/cutter: “Gem cutting in the 21st century – weight retention or precision cuts”

Dr Gamini Zoysa (Ceylon Gemmological Services, Sri Lanka) – mineralogist: “Value of rubies and sapphires from different localities”

Round Table Discussion: Moderated by John Chapman on “Manufacturing Diamonds and Gems in the 21st century” with a speaker from Octonus, Yuri Shelementiev (MSU, Russia), Garry Holloway, Clemens Schwarzinger, and Gamini Zoysa.

Closing remarks: Yianni Melas, Branko Deljanin, Conference Co-chair, George Spyromilios, Conference chair, IGL, Greece.