Press Release

Premium Report Presentation

DANAT Presents First Premium Report to Al Mahmood Pearls
25 December 2017

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) presented its first Premium Report to Al Mahmood Pearls in a special ceremony to celebrate this milestone. DANAT Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Scarratt and Al Mahmood Pearls owner Abdul Razaq Al Mahmood were both in attendance at the ceremony, which took place in Al Mahmood Pearls’ store located at Moda Mall, Bahrain World Trade Centre.

Al Mahmood Pearls, a Bahrain-based jeweller and one of DANAT’s famous clients, was the first local jeweller to commission the Institute to produce its most prestigious and comprehensive authentication report: the Premium Report. The report, which is tailored for items that are unique, of significant historical value and quite simply irreplaceable, provides scientific verification and authentication of pearls and gemstones, detailing the testing process of the item as well its precise history from its point of origin to the present day. The Premium Report content is presented in a leather bound, hand-stitched beautifully crafted boxed creation, which alongside the precious item, can be truly treasured.

A spectacular natural pearl necklace, named the ‘Abdul Razak Graduation’, was submitted by Al Mahmood Pearls for this first Premium Report. 779 pearls are strung in a seven-row regularly graduated necklace, with the largest pearl measuring approximately 8.42mm and the smallest pearl measuring 3.78mm. Visitors to DANAT’s exhibition at Jewellery Arabia between 21 st and 25 th November would have had the pleasure of viewing this unique collection and observed how superbly well each of these natural pearls were matched for shape, colour and lustre; an achievement only possible after decades of searching and waiting for the pearls to appear one at a time.

‘DANAT was honoured to be entrusted with the task of researching and identifying each of the natural pearls within this beautiful array. Our gemmologists were thrilled to be a part of the process and putting together the Premium Report and highlighting the history, people and detail of the gemmological examination was a truly wonderful experience,’ commented Kenneth Scarratt, CEO of DANAT.

Reflecting on the Premium Report, Abdul Razaq Al Mahmood added, ‘DANAT has produced a really special report detailing our truly unique and beautiful collection of natural pearls.  The development of DANAT’s operations, and in particular their various report formats, has already raised the prominence of Bahrain’s pearling industry globally and is setting even greater heights for the months and years to come.’