Mission, Vision and Values

DANAT seeks to become the world’s preferred centre for natural pearl and gemstones third party verification services. It aims to establish itself as the respected channel for international markets, serving both local and global clients and bolstering the reputation of the Kingdom as a leading centre for gemstone expertise.

By committing to high standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity it will establish a reputation for confidence and trust in DANAT, its word and products for the Government of Bahrain, the international community, the pearl, gemstone and jewellery industry, clients, governments and the public at large.

The DANAT Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics statement details the behaviour expected of each staff member in upholding our high standards. It ensures integrity, honesty and impartiality in all DANAT’s activities. Through the Code, we maintain the trust earned from our constituents and ensure our continuing value and relevance to the trade and the public we serve.

Terms & Conditions