Pearl Principles

The Pearl Principles Course provides individuals with a uniquely condensed introduction to pearls. Attendees will gain considerable insight into the natural and cultured pearls as well as a basic introduction to the instrumentation needed for their identification. ttendees will also learn about the history of pearls, focusing on Bahrain’s natural pearling heritage and other historically significant natural pearl producers alongside the modern-day dominance of cultured pearls. Attendees will be introduced to the various treatments available to enhance the beauty of natural and cultured pearls as well as the different laboratory equipment used for pearl identification such as basic gemmological tools, X-ray imaging and chemical analysis. The course also provides information about pearl care and cleaning methods.

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The Pearl Program

A course that combines the everything on natural, cultured and imitation pearls with a scuba diving or snorkeling expedition and a visit to the Pearling Path (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Course attendees will gain a better understanding of pearls, with a focus on natural pearls, the instrumentation used for their identification, as well as extensive hands-on experience in DANAT’s laboratory.

These technical studies will be complimented by a scuba diving/snorkeling trip, which will be led by a fully qualified scuba diving instructor. A once-in-a- lifetime experience for attendees to develop practical experience and a better understanding of the pearl diving process. Finally, the visit to Bahrain’s historic Pearling Path Trail will offer attendees insights into Bahrain’s millennia old pearling heritage and its contribution to the global natural pearl market from economic and social perspectives.

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Gemstone Faceting

A one day private one-on-one class. It includes a short introduction on gem faceting and hands experience with a gemstone provided by DANAT. At the end of the class, the attendees keep the faceted gem along with a DANAT report on the item. DANAT offers the following gemstone cuts – Rose Cut, Brilliant Cut and Emerald Cut. The course is offered in both Arabic and English.