Welcome to DANAT

  • As a reflection of Bahrain’s ancient pearling history and the strong desire to protect this heritage, DANAT was established as the guardian of global gemmological excellence. It plays a vital role in ensuring, protecting and enhancing public trust in pearls, gemstones and jewellery. DANAT is an authority on industry standards, scientific knowledge and education, and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional and personal ethics.

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  • Trust, Ethics and Transparency
    DANAT seeks to become the world’s preferred centre for natural pearl and gemstones third party verification services. It aims to establish itself as the respected channel for international markets, serving both local and global clients and bolstering the reputation of the Kingdom as a leading centre for gemstone expertise.

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  • Reporting

    Licenced by the Bahrain Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism, DANAT is certified and equipped to examine pearls and gemstones, and provide clients with various reports authenticating and verifying their precious possessions. DANAT provides both standard and enhanced report formats strictly in accordance with published fee schedules.

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  • An Accessible Location

    The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) is located in the East Tower of Bahrain’s prestigious World Trade Centre. The offices are above Moda Mall, a premier high-end jewellery shopping centre with extensive car parking facilities. Bahrain’s historic Souk, a 15-minute walk away, is home to a vast variety of jewellery outlets, many established by long-time pearling families. Jewellery, a popular commodity, can be found in several malls from Bahrain’s City Centre to Al Aali and Seef Malls, all minutes away by car. Even the Bahrain International Airport (amongst the world’s speediest) is a mere 15-minute drive.

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Experiments in using atypical ‘beads’ and mantle interference in the production of cultured pearls with Australian Pinctada maxima

Since approximately 2010 a practice has been developed of using low quality natural pearls as the substrates for cultured nacre growth.

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Black Non-Nacreous Natural Pearls from Pteria sp

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT), Manama, recently received a 5.70 ct black pearl (9.49–9.51 ´ 8.75 mm) and an 11.84 ct black and brown pearl (13.63–13.71 ´ 9.55 mm), both of button shape (Figure 1).

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Natural Pearls from Australian Pincada Maxima

The fascinating and colorful history of natural pearling in Australian waters is presented, from the early six-man luggers to the large ships in modern fleets where pearl culture has been the focus for the past
several decades.

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داخل إحدى أهم مراكز فحص اللؤلؤ في البحرين..اكتشف الفرق بين اللؤلؤ الطبيعي والاصطناعي بالعين المجردة دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة (CNN) — قد يتمكن المرء من معرفة الفرق بين اللآلئ الحقيقية والمُصنعة بالعين المجردة أحياناً، ولكن، الأمر قد لا يكون بتلك السهولة طيلة الوقت. وهنا يأتي دور معهد البحرين للؤلؤ والأحجار الكريمة “دانات”، وهو مركز عالمي يتخصص في […]


محبو اللؤلؤ يتعلمون صناعته في مياه البحرين دبي – أ ف ب – | منذ يوم في 29 مايو 2019 – اخر تحديث في 28 مايو 2019 / 20:39 باتباستطاعةمحبياللؤلؤأنيدرسواكيفيةتشّكلهوأنيغوصوافيمياهالخليجلتعّلم طريقة اكتشافه، في إطار دورة تعليمية في البحرين تن ّظم للمرة الاولى في المملكة التي تعتبر أحد المواطن التاريخية لهذا الحجر الكريم. وأطلق معهد البحرين […]

Fifth Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery Conference set to take place in Cyprus in May 17-19

Organizers of the Fifth Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery Conference (MGJC) are putting the final touches to the event which this year takes place from May 17-19 in Limassol, Cyprus. This year’s conference follows the success of the four previous Conferences which took place in Greece 2015, in Spain in 2016, in Italy in 2017 and […]