DANAT Difference

Selecting DANAT for pearl and gemstone authentication and verification makes complete sense for all our audiences because it is in our nature. We have been established in the very location where the world’s finest pearls are discovered. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry has been passed down through generations of local people supported by some of the brightest minds in the field. This combination of a genuine commitment to nurture and protect the Kingdom’s heritage complemented by some of the world’s most gifted professionals and the latest technologies makes DANAT itself a pearl among oysters in the authentication field.

Being guardians of gemmological excellence, our standards have to be the highest. It is by upholding these standards in regard to accuracy of our reports and honouring our word to provide value to our customers that we gain their trust. We strongly believe in an ethical approach - adopting honesty, integrity and impartiality throughout all our working practices to ensure our staff and our customers are treated with respect and fairness. Given our background, we believe in clear practices and procedures and remain open to scrutiny at all levels in order to maintain these highest possible standards. And finally, as home to some of nature’s finest gemstones we have an obligation to uphold the standards of authenticity and ensure we educate the next generation too. In summary, we don’t simply consider our work a profession, we consider it a responsibility.

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