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DANAT launches door-to-door service

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT), has announced the launch of their new door-to-door service for pearls and gemstones available to clients in different areas of Bahrain whether places of residence or work.

This is in light of the Institute’s full commitment to the precautionary measures in place against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and maintaining social distancing.

DANAT explained that all clients can communicate with the institute to obtain services for testing pearls and gemstones through the latest equipment and technologies used by the institute. They invite all their current and future clients to contact the institute to take advantage of this service.

DANAT affirmed its commitment to deliver certificates of examination of pearls and gemstones to clients at specified times without any delay. These certificates are prepared under the Institute’s highest professional standards as laid out and adopted by the jewellery and gemstones sector. The service protects and enhances the confidence of traders and their clientele in pearls, gemstones, and jewellery.

To this end DANAT has contracted a security services company that has specially trained agents to deal with clients’ valuable possessions. These trustworthy agents are capable of carrying, transporting and delivering items of high value both to and from DANAT customers.

Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, CEO of The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT), said that the door-to-door service of pearls and gemstones for their clients, falls well within the purview of DANAT’s mandate. They ae committed to continue to provide services to customers under various circumstances, and to maintain their confidence and to ensure the business flow.

“We are proud to continue to play a vital role in enhancing confidence in DANAT and building its reputation as the best institute of its kind in the world in the field of providing pearl and gemstones testing services. I am also particularly proud of the DANAT team that keeps on giving despite the challenges imposed by coronavirus on various aspects of life.” Mrs. Jamsheer added.

DANAT institute was established in line with the revival of the Kingdom’s pearling industry. The initiative falls under the Executive Committee’s projects and is aimed at placing the Kingdom as a leading destination regionally and internationally for pearl and gemstone expertise.

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