Identification Report - Authentication Detailed 

This comprehensive and elegant, multi-page document is designed for larger individual pieces or sets of valuable jewellery


It is presented in a high-quality hard-backed, elegant yet practical cover to protect and preserve it. The report is presented in one of 3 formats according to the type of pearl or gemstone authenticated.


This report is one of the most comprehensive of its type available and details the full examination of the pearl or gemstone and documents all of the processes adopted and the findings from the specific scientific instrumentation utilised and research undertaken. The report can also include origin determination to enhance the comprehensiveness of the results.


High-level security is inherent in the authentication report. It contains in-built leading-edge security features to prevent forgery or duplication.


The report also contains a handy Microcard Report version, which is ideal for display and inclusion in the final presentation of the piece – whether single pearl, gemstone or jewellery.

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