Premium Report - Authentication Comprehensive 

Our Premium Report is our top of the range comprehensive option


This boxed report comes in a beautifully crafted, hand-stitched leather-bound case that adds value to the pearl, gemstone or piece of jewellery in question. The report is tailored for items that are irreplaceable and often have high historical significance. We believe it is the most comprehensive and prestigious report of its type available anywhere.


Beyond the scientific verification and authentication of the pearl or gemstone, we detail the item’s precise history from its point of origin to present day. The item is scrutinised for weight, grade, measurements, clarity, quality, and other features.


High-level security is inherent in the authentication report. These could include, features such as intricate watermarks, holograms, signatures, and concealed elements, among others.


Each report is accompanied by a handy Microcard Report version of the detailed premium report. The report includes an elegantly inscribed display stand to place behind the item and which helps verify its authenticity and highlights its beauty in the most stylish manner possible. Our Premium Report is something that, together with the item verified, can be truly treasured by the owner and passed down for generations to come.


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