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Danat Announces Noora Jamsheer as New CEO

Manama, Bahrain | 29 August 2019 – DANAT has announced that Mrs. Noora Jamsheer will be DANAT’s CEO henceforth.

Mrs. Jamsheer ventured into the field in 2002 and has since accomplished several significant achievements while simultaneously developing her expertise in the diamond and natural resources industries from mines to market. She has also built her expertise in the legal systems and evolving economical dynamics of the natural resources markets. In addition, she has participated in the development of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), an initiative to combat conflict diamonds, and developed synergies to foster the growth of transparent natural resources markets.

“DANAT prides itself in providing our clientele with highly-specialised services and are committed to high standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity. We believe that Mrs. Jamsheer’s thorough understanding of the field, leadership skills and result-driven efforts will be in keeping with DANAT’s vision of making Bahrain a center for gemological excellence, not only in the region but on an international scale,” said Yasser Al Sharifi, Chairman BOD Danat.

“We would like to thank Mr. Kenneth Scarratt, for all his efforts and leadership as DANAT’s former CEO,” said Mr. Al Sharifi.

Mrs. Jamsheer is a certified Rough Diamond and Polished Diamond Grader having completed her training at the International Gemological Institute Belgium and Gemological Institute of America United States of America respectively. She has also monitored and worked with various governments in developing the synergies to combat conflict diamonds and minerals.

In her new role with DANAT, Mrs. Jamsheer will implement her knowledge to develop innovative and sought-after services. “I look forward to applying my industry knowledge at DANAT and realising DANAT’s vision of bolstering the reputation of the Kingdom as a leading centre for gemstone expertise while guiding the DANAT team towards notable industry achievements,” said DANAT CEO, Noora Jamsheer.

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