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Danat Extends its Relationship to Diamond Grading in Bahrain and the Middle East

Collaboration with world-famous De Beers Group Industry Services

Manama, Bahrain| September 11th 2019 – The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) announced a strategic partnership between DANAT and the internationally-renowned De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds. Jewellers and diamond dealers in Bahrain and the region can now make use of their diamond grading service.

DANAT has announced that the addition of the diamond grading service is part of DANAT’s transformation into one of the world’s top institutes for testing and validations, as well as enhancing the Kingdom’s reputation as a leading gemmological centre in the world. The partnership will enable DANAT to cater to the needs of local and international customers by facilitating their access to reputable international services for pearls, gemstones and now diamond grading as well.

DANAT’s CEO, Noora Jamsheer, explained that through this partnership with De Beers Group, customers can deliver diamonds to DANAT, who will carry out the necessary operations to send them to De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds. “Once the diamonds are received by De Beers, their experts will grade and issue the final certificate, following which the diamonds will be safely returned to DANAT ready to be collected along with the De Beers Diamond Grading Report.

The partnership with a renowned international institution such as De Beers Group represents a great value for DANAT, which operates according to the highest industry standards, the latest scientific knowledge and up to date educational provisions, and is committed to maintaining the uppermost standards of professional and personal ethics in gemmology.

“We have recently announced the launch of our first DNA screening test, and today we are adding our diamond services to our specialized services, in line with our vision to transform Bahrain into a centre of excellence in the gemmology field in the region.”

President of the De Beers Group Industry Services and De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds, Jonathan Kendall, explained that the strategic partnership with DANAT provides an opportunity for a world-class diamond grading service. “The diamond industry depends primarily on trust, and the partnership between DANAT and De Beers Group is the beginning of a long-term relationship aimed at demonstrating its usefulness to the diamond industry and trade in the Middle East as a whole,” said Mr. Kendall.

“With DANAT, we look forward to enhancing trade and consumer confidence in diamonds, which are the most precious, rare and valuable gemstones, as part of a broader strategic partnership, as we have already offered very successful training courses at the DANAT Institute during the first half of this year, with more diamond courses planned for this November” he added.

DANAT is constantly working to further develop and enhance its work and services, including the issuance of certificates of examination for pearls and coral, and their source, ongoing scientific research on various types of pearls and precious stones for worldwide documentation and specialised training in the field.

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