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Danat issues first DNA fingerprinting report on coral

Manama, June 30 (BNA): The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) have issued its first DNA Fingerprinting Report (DFR), on a precious coral.
The DFR details the species of the coral sample through DNA analysis and details its comprehensive trace elements. The report further sets forth clear data that ensures the test sample is free of any form of treatment.

The issuance of the DFR is the result of the collaboration between DANAT and the Coral Commission at the World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO), headed by its President Enzo Liverino.

DANAT, an institute established in line with the revival of the Kingdom’s pearling industry, an initiative under the Executive Committee’s projects, is aimed at placing the Kingdom as a leading destination regionally and internationally for pearl and gemstone expertise.

Commenting on the recently issued DFR report, DANAT CE Kenneth Scarratt, said “Providing the international industry with specialised reports such as the Coral DFR as well as other niche services will add to Bahrain’s ability to cater to specialised requests.”

The CE went on to express his appreciation of CIBJO’s Coral Commission and the University of Naples Federico II, in particular Professor Di Cosmo, for their open collaboration. Mr Scarratt added, “We are also very proud of the DANAT team who have over recent months developed strong confirmatory test protocols that ensure reliability of the results presented.”

DANAT’s CEO noted that the institute will soon issue similar DFR’s for natural pearls, and highlighted the institute’s commitment to excellence in the field of gemology, through the adoption of the highest professional standards, all to ensure, protect and enhance public trust in pearls, gemstones and jewelry.

The President of CIBJO’s Coral Commission, Mr. Liverino then stated “With Danat’s DFR on Coral, we are able to be sure of the species of coral used in the jewellery industry, to ensure that it is authentic.”

The president further added, “As the gemstone and jewellery industry moves towards greater supply chain transparency Danat’s new DFR on corals and eventually other materials will become critical documentation.”

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