Introduction to the 4C’s Workshop is available on 20, 21 & 23 of January


Online – Diamond Foundation Course


This online course is designed to give students and overview of the entire diamond pipeline. There are eight modules in total which contain interactive learning activities, designed to cater for a variety of learning styles. The site is hosted on a bespoke, secure, cloud-based system especially designed for De Beers. Each module consists of the following structure: –

  • Introduction summarising the module and giving a description of the various chapters contained within that subject, and average study time required.
  • A number of chapters which contain the detail of the subject being covered.
  • Downloadable study notes at the end of each module, which students can collect to create their own pipeline study manual.
  • A short test at the end of each module to ensure that the student is progressing well before moving on and unlocking the next module.

Detailed Content
Module 1 – Diamond growth & properties
During this module we examine the complex transitions which took place at an atomic level and learn how diamond structures were formed. We then examine the resulting properties of diamond, which provides a solid foundation for the rest of the modules throughout the online course. We also start to introduce core diamond traits including rarity and beauty which are revisited throughout the course.

Module 2 – Travel to the surface & Exploration

Within this module students learn about the journey to the earth’s surface and the challenges facing De Beers exploration teams, as they search for new diamond discoveries.

Module 3 – Diamond mining & Recovery

Here we take students through a module which best highlights the true scale of diamond mining and production – both large and small, by taking them through the fact that we start the process with larger scale machines and end the process with hand sorting. We cover some historic mining techniques, and then move to examine current day technology and processes used within the De Beers Group.

Module 4 – Rough diamond sorting & pricing

During this module we give students an overview of the rough sorting and pricing methods used by the De Beers Group and see how critical this process is to diamond trading, the diamond producing countries and their communities.

Module 5 – The polished 4Cs

In this module students are introduced to the criteria of each of the 4Cs. This online module examines each of the 4Cs in detail, and a pricing chapter at the end works to demonstrate how all of the 4Cs together as well as various external factors, affects the price of the polished diamond when trading. 18

Module 6 – Cutting & Polishing

Deliberately left until after the polished 4Cs has been studied, this module seeks to explain the essential concept of yield, and how decisions are made by the cutters and polishers to ensure that maximum yield is gained from each diamond using a variety of technology and techniques.

Module 7 – Jewellery Design, Marketing & Retail

Throughout this module we cover jewellery design techniques, marketing strategy principles (as well as highlighting some De Beers specific history), and then bring this together into the retail chapter which aims to explore some key sales principles. The retail chapter is completed by addressing some of the key questions that retail staff are asked – and demonstrating how information learned throughout the course can be used to answer these questions when in the field.

Module 8 – Synthetic Diamonds, Simulants & Treatments

In this module students learn about the fundamental differences between diamonds, simulants, treated materials and synthetic (lab-grown) diamonds. We also provide an overview of the IIDGR screening and verification technology and review how they work and how they can be integrated into the core working practices of various businesses.


Students are given a maximum of 2 months to complete the online Diamond Foundation Course.


Students are awarded a certificate of completion when they attend the following 1 day Workshop (see details below).


Offline Course – Introduction to the 4Cs Workshop


A one-day workshop designed for students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge gained from the online Diamond Foundation Course. By the end of the workshop students will be able to use basic gemmological equipment to assess the core characteristics of the 4C’s.

Detailed Content


Students learn about the importance of Carat Weight. They complete physical exercises designed to teach them ways to assess the Carat weight of set jewellery. Especially useful for retail staff.


Students complete practical exercises designed to teach them how to colour grade. They work through a set number of sample diamonds in order to get practice.


Students use gemmological equipment (microscopes, tweezers and loupes) to asses the Cut parameters of diamonds and learn how to assign Cut grades to a set of sample diamonds.


Students learn how to asses the internal inclusions hidden inside of diamonds using gemmological equipment. They then learn how to plot these inclusions on a ‘diamond plot’ so that it can be assessed for its final Clarity grade.

Synthetic Diamonds

We teach students the differences between naturally grown diamonds, and those created in a lab-based environment. This also leads to commercial discussions about the pricing of diamonds and how this all works.


The course lasts from 8am until 5pm, with lunch breaks provided.


Students are awarded a certificate of completion.

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