Synthetic Diamond Detection Course is available on 19 & 23 of January

Course Overview

  • Undisclosed synthetics are fast becoming the biggest threat to the diamond industry. The De Beer’s Synthetic Diamond Detection Course supports their continued efforts to enhance customer confidence across the industry.
  • Led by specialists, this 1-day course uses the best research, insight and technology available at De Beers Group, in a mix of theory and practice. Students will study a wide range of products including HPHT and CVD Synthetic Diamonds, Simulants and HPHT treated materials. They will learn techniques to highlight specific identification features and use the full suite of IIDGR screening and verification instruments.

Content Overview

  1. We show students detailed information covering how both HPHT and CVD diamonds are grown. We explain the technology used during this process, the resulting features of both types of synthetic diamonds and how this all differs from natural diamonds.
  2. We then discuss how the identification markers of synthetic diamond can be identified using basic gemmology equipment (such as loupe and microscopes), and then more sophisticated screening and verification instruments. It is worth noting that students receive hands-on experience using the DiamondSure, DiamondView and SYNTHdetect during the course.
  3. Throughout the course it is very hands on, with many different exercises carried out, which have been designed to ensure that the student learns practical techniques throughout the day.
  4. A certificate from the De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds is issued to all students at the end of the day (after their final exercise is completed) and our trainer is always an expert from the De Beers Group research facility which is based in London. This means that students are being taught by an expert in the field, rather than somebody who has learnt about this all second hand.
  5. Students who have attended our courses in the past come from a range in job roles. Typically those who benefit best are those responsible for pipeline integrity or supervisors of those operating the machinery. We also see those who are responsible for the purchasing of verification and screening technology, as well as those responsible for managing any purchased services (such as melee testing or jewellery testing). Attendees tend to go on to become the ‘internal synthetic diamond expert’ within their companies.
  6. All attendees are also issued with a De Beers Group branded grading pack (including loupe and tweezers), as well as slide handouts for the day. We also issue additional reading materials guides so that students can go on to study more detail if they require it.

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