Magnificent Pearls

“Pearl Tales” by David Warren

Bahrain’s own history is intimately associated with pearl fishing and trading and we at DANAT are delighted to announce that David Warren, International Jewellery Director and Head of Jewellery Middle East at Christie’s will be giving a talk on Historic Pearls as part of our Magnificent Pearls series. 

During the talk David will tell the stories of some of the most famous pearls that have passed through the hands of Christie’s experts since its foundation over 250 years ago. 

This will include the Baroda pearls which made up a spectacular seven strand necklace commissioned by the Maharajah Gaekwad Khande Rao of Baroda and considered one of the most important pieces of pearl jewellery in the world, as well as the Peregrina pearl which was owned by the Spanish crown between 1590 and 1819 and eventually given to Elizabeth Taylor by her then-husband Richard Burton. He’ll trace the history of La Régente, a natural pear shaped pearl of extraordinary lustre which was owned by Emperor Napoléon and given to his wife, Marie-Louise, at their marriage in 1810, and explain how the Red Cross pearls caused a sensation in war-time Britain. Expect intrigue, romance and tragedy, featuring royalty, film stars and models. 

David will also speak about Christie’s itself which was founded in 1766 and quickly secured its reputation with the sale of Sir Robert Walpole’s art collection to Catherine the Great of Russia. With over four decades’ personal experience at Christie’s, he will share some of his insights into the spirit that has kept the London auction house ahead of its rivals and led to its name being associated with the likes of emperors, film stars, and royalty.

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